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What are cannelés ?

A cannelé is a delightful French pastry that originates from the Bordeaux region. It is characterized by its unique shape and rich, caramelized exterior. The pastry is typically small, with a fluted cylindrical shape and a slightly burnt-looking crust that adds a lovely crunch. The interior of a cannelé is incredibly soft and custard-like, with a tender texture that melts in your mouth.

How are they made ?

The traditional way, using copper forms - that's what gives them their crunch.

What ingredients do you use ?

Flour, eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla (beans - no extract) and rum, that's it !

Where are they made ?

In the center of Zürich - currently in Kreis 5.

How to enjoy them ? 

Cannelés are best enjoyed fresh, shortly after baking, as they tend to lose their crispness over time. They are often served as a sweet treat alongside a cup of coffee or tea, or as a dessert option at special occasions and fine dining establishments.